How to Build Trust in Your CBD Venture

Colletion | Jun 28, 21
How to Build Trust in Your CBD Venture

In the CBD industry, there’s a lot of misinformation. Because of this, many customers are confused and searching for the truth. 

If you have a business in this industry, now is a good time to make your digital presence known credibly and authoritatively. Put simply, you need to ensure your social media accounts and website curate the latest and most accurate information related to CBD to position your brand as a trusted and knowledgeable source for advice and updates. 

Keep reading for some tips to help you build trust in your CBD brand and products. 

Monitor Industry Developments Using Google Alerts 

If you haven’t taken time to do this yet, now is a good time to set up alerts and notifications with Google Alerts. This is going to ensure you know what is going on with CBD products and the entire industry. Scientific discoveries, legal actions, and regulations are announced all the time. Make sure you stay on top of these developments by appointing someone to summarize any happenings in the industry and then share them with your audience. 

Keep Information on Social Media and Your Website Factual and Updated

When trying to position your CBD brand as a trusted resource, it is important to base customer outreach and messaging on truth, accuracy, and honesty. This is particularly important if you are discussing emerging markets, such as CBD. Today, you can find all types of CBD companies making outrageous claims. It is up to you to go above all this noise and provide real, factual information to your customers. 

Educate Your Audience 

The CBD industry is changing rapidly. You want to ensure you aren’t positioned as the brand with outdated information on your website and social media channels. Take time to establish a process to ensure regular audits and updates, which will keep your messaging current and factual. If you have a database of customer emails, newsletters, or even a method of distributing breaking news, it will let your customers know that your company is on top of the breakthroughs and developing products and situations. 

It is important to educate and build trust with your target audience. Doing so can result in loyalty in both the B2C and B2B markets. In addition, building a reputation as being an expert in the industry will only benefit your bottom line in the long run. 

Implement the 80/20 Rule

When building a content strategy for your website, social media channels, and other platforms, remember to use the formula that will help you maintain interest and engagement from your followers. To do this, create 80% of your content to inform, educate, and talk about issues that don’t impact your brand but that are occurring in the industry. The remaining 20% of your content should be promotional and let people know about the services and products your company offers. 

By implementing the tactics above, you can begin to build trust and establish your company as a reputable supplier of CBD products. In the long run, this will also help you earn more customers.